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Stackhouse Casual Shirt


Indigo / XS

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Get an Outfitter.

We call them Outfitters, and they’re the real humans who power our brand. Part tailor, part style psychologist, they’re key to curing whatever ails your wardrobe.


Get styled.

Meet with your Outfitter at our Lounge or your office. They’ll get to know you and your style, show you our collection, and help you place your first order.


Get measured.

Your Outfitter will swiftly take over 20 measurements for your unique fit profile, used to build your custom shirts and suits, or discover your ideal in-stock size.


Get guaranteed fit.

Your custom-made clothes are hand-delivered or shipped to your door. If anything doesn’t fit, we’ll take care of any alterations and save the changes for future orders.


Fitting Locations

Visit one of our menswear Lounges or have an Outfitter visit your office. Relax knowing you can get all your shopping done easily.


Visit a Trumaker Lounge

Enjoy your personal Outfitter appointment with the added perk of an adult beverage in a laid-back setting.


Have an Outfitter Visit You

Outfitters will also meet you at your office. Schedule a conference room, and in about 45 minutes, your shopping could be done.


How long does it take?

Usually 30-45 minutes. Beats the hell out of driving to the mall, right?

How much does it cost?

Nothing. There’s no purchase necessary at the fitting, though we think you’ll disagree once you see the products. Most customers do place their first order at their fitting.

Is it a subscription?

No, just old fashioned personal service. Your Outfitter will reach out as often as you’d like to check in on the state of your wardrobe. No purchase required.

When can I have a fitting?

Pretty much whenever you want. We work around your schedule and can even do mornings, evenings, or weekends. Whatever’s most convenient for you. Our Lounges are typically open 10am to 6pm

Can you do a fitting for a group?

Yes indeed. And if you’re able wrangle a bunch of friends, you’ll have the chance to earn store credit—$20 per new customer you refer. We also love to make it social, perhaps with a whiskey happy hour at our Lounge? Just let us know!

Will I need to strip down?

Goodness, no. You may be asked to take off any bulky sweater or blazer, or your tie, so we can get accurate measurements, but please, keep your shirt on.

My Outfitter is like my style wingman. Or wingwoman? She helps me make choices on my wardrobe, even on stuff that’s not from Trumaker. It’s like having a friend in the fashion business.


Finally. Clothes that fit well for the first time ever. Wearing Trumaker just makes me feel better, and I have to thank my Outfitter for that. She makes the whole process easy and fun.