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Stackhouse Casual Shirt


Indigo / XS

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Our Story

We started Trumaker to solve the two biggest complaints men have with shopping: fit and hassle. We combine old-world personal service with today’s technology to build high quality custom and in-stock clothing. It just works, for the way real guys dress today.


Brad Gerlach

Surf Legend, Teacher & Coach


Mike Deni

Musician, Lead Singer of Geographer

“We believe looking your best goes a long way in helping you be your best.”

Michael Zhang

Co-Founder of Trumaker

With Trumaker, everyone gets a personal stylist. We call them Outfitters.

Outfitters eliminate what our CEO dubbed closet anxiety — the dread of not knowing if your clothes fit, look good, or go together. Think of an Outfitter as your own fashion insider, part tailor, and part style psychologist.

Finding Your Fit

Outfitters are experts with the tape, swiftly taking over 20 measurements that make up your unique fit profile.

Style Advice

Outfitters help you discover what looks best on you. Shopping is always better with a wingman. Or woman.

More of What Works

With your fit and style dialed in, your Outfitter helps you easily get more gear built just for you, anytime.



Everything Considered

Because clothing shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve honed our perspective on quality and style over decades, bringing it to bear on every product we make. The details don’t just matter, they’re everything.


With partner mills in Italy, Japan, Turkey, even North Carolina, we select top-notch fabrics for everything from t-shirts to tuxedos.


Good design serves a higher purpose. Here, everything is built to be easy to wear, easy to pair, and elegant without being showy.


We’re in the sweet spot on the spectrum of “cheap and low-quality” to “expensive and excessive.” Fair prices for genuinely excellent clothes.